Links and Resources

The following links will help you to design and develop training and electronic performance support systems which can be delivered via inter / intranets.

Templates for Creating Web Based Training

Copyfree Templates - A wonderful resource if you are just starting to develop web based training programs.

Creating Tests and Quizzes

JavaScripting for Interactive Educational Webs - A tutorial

Creating JavaScript Tests - A brief tutorial.

Build your own quizzes in JavaScript - Article from CNET

Superscripter - Check out this easy to use Quiz Creator under the Cool Tools section.

JS Test Generator - From Tom McCain.

JavaScript QuizMaker - Very Useful.

JavaScript Quiz Machine - Creates JS Quizzes

Web Based Assessment - A must see collection of links.

Teaching Tools - Check out the Javascript Quiz Generator.

QuestionMark - A classic product that just keeps getting better.

Create A Quiz - An easy to use quiz creator for Windows.

Digital Teacher - A question authoring and test database management program.

Hot Potatoes - Free quiz authoring software from the University of Victoria.

Freeware - For teachers and trainers.

TIP: If you are looking for testing examples or authoring software on the WWW use the word quiz or quizzes instead of test.

Database Tools

FormKeeper - Create a fully searchable database using e-mail test data.

Ask Sam - Free-Form Database & Information Management Software.

Sites that help you learn HTML

HTML for Beginners - A great place to start.

HTML Reference Guide - Netscape's guide to HTML.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML - If you are just getting started, this site will help.

An Introduction to the World Wide Web - Using Online Services in Academia.

Sites that help you learn JavaScript

Beginning JavaScript Tutorials - New to JavaScript? Start here.

Netscape's JavaScript Guide - Need we say more?

JARS - Javascript Resources. - An excellent collection of Javascripts.

QUE Computer Book Publisher - An invaluable site.

ZD Net Developer - JavaScript library. Awesome.

The JavaScript Planet - A dynamite collection of JavaScript "scripts."

The JavaScript Source - Tons of "Cut and Paste" scripts.

Timothy's "JavaScript Examples" - And much more.

Webmonkey - JavaScript, HTML, and more... a must visit site.

Scriptworx - Need a JavaScript editor? It's FREE and it is awesome!

JavaScript Newsgroups

JavaScript Language Group

Want to learn JAVA?

IBM Resources for JAVA Developers - A must visit site!

Sites that help you develop your skills as an instructional / web page developer

Web-based Training Information Center - A must visit site.

Yale (University) C/AIM Web Style Guide - Start here... It doesn't get any better than this!

Web Style Sheets - Get the latest information here.

Sites that help you develop Electronic Performance Support Systems

EPSS.COM! - An excellent resource.

EPSS Tutorial - A great place to start!

Sites that help you develop your Performance Technology skills

Performance Technology - San Diego State University.

Performance Technology - University of Colorado at Denver.

Course Development Tools - Free course website software; also make license-fee based server package CourseInfo.

e-education online course manager - e-education is a full-featured online course manager developed at Jones International University. - Makers of eCourse, a course website toolkit, a smaller version called eToolkit (available for free), and eCollege Campus.

WebCT - Web-based training creation, delivery and management tools.

Virtual-U - Web-based software system which allows universities and organizations to offer their courses partially or entirely online.

Designer's Lounge - Articles on writing RFPs, proposals, and other topics of interest to instructional designers.

Other Cool sites

NICENET - FREE web based tools for creating a virtual classroom on the internet. Nicenet even  provides the server. You gotta visit this site.

AOL's Instant Messenger - Create a class and have real time chats.

Statistical Resources - If you are into statistics. This is a good place to start.

Electronic Statistics Book - Statsoft Inc.

Anamated Gifs - Want to add some action to your web pages?

Animation Factory  - A huge collection of public domain gif animations.

Network Solutions - Check this site to see if a domain name is available plus much more.

IPSWITCH - Software for uploading and maintaining websites.

RealAudio & RealVideo - Add sound and video to your website. - File extension dictionary. A wonderful resource  if you have a file and no idea what it is or does. - Looking for a special utility or program? Give this site a try.

Nova Southeastern University - Want to earn an M.S. or Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education?

Grad School Online - Looking for a grad school? - More great online degree programs!

Training Media Review - Looking for reviews?

Online Magazines

New Media




The Intranet Journal

PC Computing

internet World

New Architect

THE Journal

The Design and Publishing Center

Professional Associations

American Society for Training and Development

Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

International Society for Performance Improvement

Society for Applied Learning Technology

Society for Technical Communication

ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction

Usability Professionals' Association

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